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1. General 

Hukka AI Oy (hereinafter ‘Hukka’) processes personal data primarily on behalf of and according to the instructions of its client companies in connection with the provision of the service intended for monitoring, analysing and decreasing food waste. When processing personal data, Hukka complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation No. 679/216 EU, i.e. the GDPR) and acts mainly as the processor referred to in the Regulation. This means that the company for which our users work is primarily responsible for the processing of personal data and realisation of the rights of data subjects under the Data Protection Regulation as a controller. Naturally, we will provide assistance in this regard.  

Hukka acts as the controller referred to in the Data Protection Regulation only for its own purposes, such as in respect of client data maintained for selling, marketing and invoicing its services. 

This privacy policy describes in more detail how Hukka processes personal data.


2. What personal data do we process and why? service 

We process the following data on our service users on behalf of our client company which are necessary for creating a user account and using the service: 

  • Email address, which also serves as the user ID 
  • User name 
  • Password; (naturally we are not aware of the content of the password asvit will be kept encrypted)
  • Organisation(s) where the user works 
  • Level of user access (main user / basic user) 
  • Technical data, such as login history data. 

The organisation’s main user will be able to see a listing of all users and their email addresses and to edit their access rights. 

In addition, the following will be saved in the organisation’s data: 

  • Name of the contact person at our client organisation 
  • Email address 
  • Telephone number 
  • Organisation’s address and branch office 

The service includes a few free fields where you can in principle enter any information. However, we wish that people would not enter any additional personal data in these fields unless there is an acute need. 

The data are mainly collected from the users themselves. Technical data are created automatically on the basis of use. 

User data and the data entered into the system by users are processed to protect user accounts and ensure the appropriate use of the service as well as to make the service and its features available in general. We also process user data to identify and analyse the users’ use so as to provide important information on the use of the service to our clients and to also obtain useful information for ourselves on its use for further development. When a client relationship ends, we take care that the data on service use can no longer be associated with any identified or identifiable user. 

Our right to process the above-mentioned data is based on an agreement between our client company and Hukka.

Web pages and cookies 

We use cookies on our web pages, i.e. small text files that are uploaded into your device when you use our web pages. You can manage consents for cookies on our web page or in your browser settings. 

We use cookies to collect the following information, for example: 

  • Roaming time 
  • Visitor’s source of entry 
  • Visitor’s country/municipality 
  • Type of the browser, device and user system used by the visitor. 

Cookies are used to ensure appropriate functioning of pages (‘necessary cookies’), to develop and maintain the site (statistical analytical data on the use of web pages and visitors), to improve user experience and to target online marketing through cookies set by third parties. 

You can yourself define the period a cookie is stored by editing your browser settings. 

Customer service 

Our customer service can be contacted by email and telephone. We process contacts with our customer service and, in this context, we process the following personal data on behalf of our client company: 

  • Name and contact details provided by the person who gave feedback or submitted a support request. 
  • The content of feedback or a support request, i.e. either an email message or a memorandum drafted on the basis of a call. We do not save call data. 
  • Correspondence related to feedback or a support request. 

We process contacts with our customer service and the related name and contact details in order to implement an agreement between the client company and Hukka and to ensure the quality of service.  

We also store data to protect our own rights to, for example, respond to potential claims arising from a client relationship. This purpose is also based on a client relationship. 

Client data and contact details for electronic direct marketing 

We collect and store contact details of the contact persons of our clients and potential clients, such as email addresses and telephone numbers, names of contact persons and information on contacts in connection with a tendering and contract process, for example. We also process our client companies’ invoicing data, which may contain personal data. 

Personal data are mostly obtained from the data subjects themselves. We may, however, also use other sources for finding and contacting potential clients. 

The processing of client data is based on our legitimate interests in promoting cooperation and fostering client relationships. The processing of invoicing data is based on an agreement between Hukka and the client company. In respect of these data we act as the controller. 

We further process our users’ email addresses for electronic direct marketing purposes. The processing is based on an express advance consent by the user or a newsletter subscriber. The recipient may at any time cancel the newsletter subscription by clicking on a subscription cancellation link at the bottom of a newsletter. 


3. Data recipients 

We use subcontractors in producing the service which also have access to user data to the extent required by their duties. This may be necessary when, for example, new service features and their functioning are being tested. We require, through agreements between us and our subcontractors, that our subcontractors process personal data confidentially. 


4. Transfers to third countries 

Personal data are not generally transferred to countries outside the EU or EEA area in connection with the provision of the service. 

If, however, it is in some cases necessary to transfer data to third countries, Hukka will, for their part, ensure that appropriate safeguards are applied in implementing the transfer. The client company and users are, for their part, responsible for ensuring that a data transfer to third countries is carried out in compliance with the law (e.g. when login into the service takes place in a third country). 


5. Period of storage 

We store personal data collected during a client relationship until the client relationship ends and 6 months thereafter, unless some data are removed before this under an agreement or at the client’s request. 

We store contacts with the customer service and information on failures or incidents related to client relationships or services for 10 years after a client relationship has ended to protect our own rights. 

We store the data in our client register for 5 years after a client relationship has ended. The data necessary for accounting, such as invoicing data, will be stored for 10 years as required by the accounting legislation. 

Email addresses collected for direct marketing purposes will be stored for as long as a newsletter subscription is valid. An email address will be deleted from the list when a subscription is cancelled. 


6. Rights of data subjects 

Users may check the data content concerning themselves or use their other rights laid down in the Data Protection Regulation by submitting a request to this end to their own organisation according to its instructions. We assist our client organisations in realising the rights of data subjects in so far as they are related to the service and its use. 

If you act as the client’s contact person vis-à-vis Hukka and wish to check the data we have on you or use other rights, please contact Hukka’s customer service by email (see the contact details below). 

If your request concerns a newsletter, its subscription can be cancelled by clicking on a link at the bottom of the newsletter. You can also send us a message and we will remove you from the mailing list (see the contact details below). 

Please note that we are not entitled to store data only to protect the rights of data subjects but we delete data according to our own storage period policy. You are therefore advised to keep copies of messages you consider important to yourself. 


7. Controller and contact details 

If you are a user of the service, the organisation that has granted you access rights to the service acts as the controller. 

We can be best contacted by email at: 

Our official contact details are: 

Hukka AI Oy 

(Business ID: 2995012-2) 

Kaivokatu 9 A 2 

06100 Porvoo, Finland 

If you consider that your data are processed inappropriately in some respects, please contact us and we will try to find a solution to the problem together with you. If you still consider that your data are not processed according to the law, you have the right to refer the matter to the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman, which monitors the operation of organisations processing personal data in Finland. 

Up-to-date contact details of the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman and instructions for filing a notification are available online at