Reduce your carbon footprint and increase your profits!

Reducing food waste in professional kitchens has not ever been so easy!

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Average reduction in food waste with Hukka already during the first few months.


Average saving in raw materials during the first months


Average ROI with Hukka during the first six months

More sustainable and profitable kitchen without any initial investments!

Helppoa, edullista ja älykästä!


Hukka AI has been developed together with our pilot customers to make sure it is as easy to use as possible, weighing and logging the food waste takes only a few minutes! No more manual logging with excels or other out-dated solutions. Kitchens should focus on making top quality food and serving the customers!

Actionable data and recommendations

Hukka’s cloud-based tracking system produces visualized and actionable data, which helps you to understand the cost and causes of your food waste according to meals, euros or your customers’ preferences. With Hukka’s reporting tools, specially designed for experts and management, you can easily monitor, analyze, report on, and steer your food waste actions.

Reducing food waste has direct bottom-line benefits

Food waste burdens the environment and represents a completely unnecessary expense to your organisation. Food waste burdens the environment and represents a completely unnecessary expense to your organisation. With Hukka, you have the opportunity to decrease an average of 3 – 7 % in your raw material costs during the first months, in addition to savings in waste-, water-, and energy cost! Increasing profits has never been so easy!

Hukka will return your investment in no-time!

Hukka offers an average 10-15x ROI in your first six months! Due to being an affordable software-only solution, Hukka is extremely easy to scale enterprise-wide.

Stand-alone or in parallel with other systems

As a user-friendly system, Hukka can be easily operated next to any ERP-system the organization might have, or if needed, integrated through to these systems. Hukka’s cloud-based tracking system knows your menus and costing automatically, or if needed they can be added manually!

We progress on our customers’ terms

Hukka will be there to guide you through the whole use-cycle! We develop Hukka on our customers’ terms! If you need new reporting functions, categories or have an idea for a whole new feature, tell us and we will deliver!

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