Intelligent Food Waste Management

Reduce food waste with data. You'll save money and the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Start Managing Food Waste

Hukka is a SaaS solution for restaurants and cafeterias that helps prevent food waste.

Hukka makes recording and tracking food waste easy. The food waste is weighed and recorded into the service. Hukka converts the recorded data into visual form, providing the user with information on food waste that is easy to understand and publish.

You don’t need to install any scales, have expert teams or use solutions that are difficult to implement. All you need is a network connection and a terminal device – like a tablet computer – and Hukka is at your service!

Calculate savings

Meals per day
300 meals per day
Raw material costs per meal
4€ per meal
Food waste percentage
20% food waste


For who Hukka is for?

Serving line-based restaurants, cafeterias and kitchens that want to reduce food waste easily. We help businesses, municipalities and other actors reduce the amount of food wasted.

How does Hukka work?

In the kitchen

The service offers continuous reporting and analytics based on the amount of recorded food waste. You can use this data to optimize your order volumes, i.e. to reduce waste. Hukka helps you to save on raw material costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Doing good has never been so profitable!

In the dining area:

Customers can follow the amount of food waste generated over the past week and receive clear feedback on how they have contributed to producing and reducing the amount of plate waste.

Why Hukka was created

When I worked as a teacher, I encouraged students to follow our school's eco-practices and take only as much food as they were going to eat. The positive thing was that there was less plate waste. But this only caused the problem to move elsewhere: the excess food that the students did not take was left on the serving lines. From there, it ended up in the garbage. What can we do about this problem?

We started developing a web service that would be extremely easy to introduce. The kitchen was always busy, and the systematic monitoring of food waste was difficult. The staff in the kitchen was also concerned about the issue: students ate 80 kg of meatballs on one day and 60 kg on another day, but the kitchen still had to order 100 kg of meatballs for the third day to make sure that the food wouldn’t run out. We needed a clear, easy-to-use tool to solve the problem.

Hukka requires only a terminal device with a network connection. Its visual presentation and the solution it provides also encourage students to reduce their own plate waste.

Machine learning

You can use e.g. machine learning to achieve better results in food waste reduction and order volume management. It optimizes your data, aiming to cut the amount of food waste to half. It also helps you reduce your carbon footprint, use resources more wisely and save money.


What features does Hukka include?

-Easy and quick way to log daily food waste.
-Your historical data record of daily food waste.
-Clear and understandable graphics.
-Plate waste graphics for customer usage.

What are Premium services?

Monitoring customer satisfaction, machine learning services etc.

Instead of e.g excel or sheets what are the benefits of using Hukka?

-User have ready made diagrams and records in one database.
-Easy to log and monitor food waste.
-To activate customers reducing plate waste.

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