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Easy-to-use software to measure, analyse and reduce food waste cost-efficiently with data

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One-third of all the food produced globally is never eaten

Annual value of food waste globally

reducing food waste is the most important solution to fighting climate crisis

Reducing food waste has real bottom-line benefits

Did you know that food waste is responsible for almost 8% of global emissions? Or that it has four times greater environmental impact than all the flights in the world combined? In addition to the environmental impact, food waste represents a massive market inefficiency. Especially in the foodservice sector, it leads to unnecessary raw material-, waste-, water-, and energy costs.


Average food waste reduction already during the first few months with Hukka


Average saving in raw material costs during the first few months with Hukka


Average ROI with Hukka during the first six months

Hukka is already being used by hundreds of restaurants! Join the fight against food waste!

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See how Hukka AI could benefit your kitchen

Works perfectly with a network connection and a phone, tablet or computer

Takes only a few minutes day to weigh and log the food waste

Software-only with an affordable monthly fee; cost-efficient to scale enterprise-wide

Easy-to-use software to measure, analyse and reduce food waste

1. Weigh & Log

Hukka’s cloud-based tracking system knows your costings and menus (possibility to convert automatically or add manually). At the end of the day, weigh your food waste and with just a few clicks using a phone, tablet or a computer, log the waste to Hukka’s user-friendly system.

2. Analyse and optimise

With visualized, actionable data and recommendations, you can understand the causes and cost of your food waste while easily optimizing your order and production volumes to decrease food waste

3. Reduce food waste and save money

With Hukka AI, waste value is typically reduced by 25-45% in just a few months. This represents a direct benefit in the bottom line as raw material costs go down typically 3-7%. Simultaneously you save in waste-, water- and energy costs! Easy, intelligent and affordable!

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